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I blogged earlier this week about our experiences with Vodafone at work after a good few years with O2 – my conclusion was that they could do better, much better!

To be fair following a direct email to the MD of Vodafone by my colleague Tim Garratt they have done! We now have an account manager (apparently we should have had one before, and the man we thought was our account manager actually wasn’t – confusing!). Anyway our new (or is it first?) account manager (Nathan from Newark) has so far sorted out our issues and has given me his direct mobile number for future contact – so all in all a good start. Just a shame its 12 months late!

My other ‘beef’ with Vodafone was their claim to have the best network – I don’t think they do (O2 was better) and it appears I was right! Ofcom have just released their results from testing the major networks and guess what?

On average, mobile download speeds were found to be quickest on the O2 network

Now this was no small-scale test, they carried out 4.2 million speed tests across the country and found the average download speed across all networks was 1.5 megabits per second (Mbps), rising to 2.1Mbps in better coverage areas.

Interestingly Orange fared worst in the research with its average download speeds slower than any other network. T-Mobile also came out slower than Vodafone, 3 and O2.

As well as achieving success in the download speed tests, O2 also recorded a lower average latency than 3, Orange and Vodafone. Latency is calculated by the time it takes for a data packet to travel from a user’s PC to a third-party server and back again.

The tests were done from ‘dongles’ rather than smart phones, but still give a clear indication of who gives the best service – and sorry Vodafone it’s not you!


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