The Angel of the North

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Yesterday as I was approaching my destination in Gateshead I went past the Angel of the North – it just so happened to be within 3 miles of the property I was inspecting so I made a mental note to give it a quick look on my way back south (it is literally a few hundred yards off the A1).

best I could do with an iphone.....

The Angel was created by Antony Gormley for Gateshead Council. He started work in 1997 and it was finally erected in February 1998 (seven months later). Gormley is well known for his statement pieces and this is certainly one of those. Apparently it is the Worlds largest Angel sculpture and the UK’s largest sculpture – and it is big when you get up close to it – it has a similar wing span to a jumbo jet (175 feet).

It is also passed every day by over 90,000 people making it one of the most viewed pieces of sculpture in the World. But does it work?

There is no doubt it is a very prominent work – you really can’t miss it! But to me it has wierd proportions and just looks a bit unbalanced – possibly how it is meant to be seen, I am a bit of a beginer on art like this! However the statue does add to the area and makes a statement which has to be good.

Now, what ever happened to the plans for a big arch out near junction 24?


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