Should the energy providers be forced to insulate our homes?

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This is an interesting idea that has been suggested by The Independent Committee on Climate Change (CCC) in its annual report, they suggest that such a measure would make big inroads into the Governments targets for reducing carbon emissions over the next few years.

Where the heat goes.....

According to their research, in the UK 43% of all lofts, and 42% of houses with cavity walls have yet to be insulated. They are suggesting that energy companies should be given 4 years to get the job done – after all they are making some fairly impressive profits out of us all!

However I cannot see this working in practice – the cost would be passed onto the consumer in some form – probably through the energy tariff, so we would end up paying for it in the end.

Much better in my view is to increase the Government supported schemes that have been run over the last decade for insulating homes of the old and under privileged. Something needs to be done as  in 2010 the number of loft insulations fell by 30% on the previous year – despite one of the coldest winters in recent memory.

On the upside the CCC did find that people were buying less-polluting cars, but the required improvements in environmentally friendly driving had not materialised. Furthermore, delays in building the first carbon capture and storage demonstration plants and boosting use of public transport were damaging efforts to meet the UK’s legally binding carbon targets, the toughest in the world.

Of more concern for the Government is that the CCC report analysed the changes in the UK’s carbon emissions and found that, when the effects of the recent cold winter and the recession were accounted for, the trend was flat and therefore a return to normal levels of activity in the economy would mean the UK would greatly exceed its future carbon targets (a 3% cut every year.)

Time for our supposedly ‘Green Coalition’ to act.


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