Finally an end to the grunting!

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It’s the end of Wimbledon this weekend, if I am honest I have not managed to watch much this year – I just don’t get to sit and watch TV these days. But what I have seen has all been the male matches, I find the womens game somewhat boring and very loud – I detest the grunting and it makes me turn to another game (red button).

and grunt.......

However I see that the BBC have finally come up with an answer – for radio listners at least – to the noise! The noise reduction programme, called Wimbledon Net MIx, allows people to fade out the sound of the players grunting on court, and turn up the volume of the commentators. it has a sliding scale which one can manually alter the contrast between the commentators and the sounds coming from the court.

The down side? Unfortunately it is only available on the BBC radio player. But, using the radio commentary and watching the TV with the sound turned down will be far better for today’s ladies final!


One thought on “Finally an end to the grunting!

    Adrian said:
    July 2, 2011 at 4:00 pm

    Anything to get rid of (or at least lesson) the grunting is a good thing. It’s got to embarrassing levels now. Maybe they could have a db meter on court and penalise anyone who out-grunts a pre determined level. Having said that, I grunt just trying to put my socks on in the morning, so who am I to judge? πŸ˜‰

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