So Mr Jobs your iPhone camera’s not so clever!

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It’s nice to discover a flaw in Apples supposedly steady climb to perfection. Don’t get me wrong, I am a big apple fan – of the products if not the prices (how much for a MacBook air?).

But today I discovered a bit of an issue with the camera (or at least its software) on the iPhone 4. You may recall that Apple added the HDR facility in iOS4 – this takes two photos at slightly different exposures and then combines them into one good shot – and generally it works.

However today I found one of it’s flaws – moving areas of the photo close to the camera.


I was on the Ramblas in Barcelona and thought a quick shot for my blog was in order (I am purely blogging from my iPhone so have to use photos from the phone rather than by Olympus Pen). So I took a quick shot up the street with a group of people in the foreground moving towards me – the attached is a section from the photo. You can see that the people have ghosted – I assume due to the two images the camera takes.

Not a big issue and if I am honest the iPhone camera takes good photos all things considered – but it’s great to see Apple are fallible!


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