Spain is so clean!

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One of the things we have all noticed about our holiday destination is just how clean it is!

Every morning in Barcelona when I was out to get our breakfast croissant I passed street cleaners collecting leaves and rubbish – by hand brush and bag, not with big vacuum cleaners.

It was also very apparent that the Spanish don’t share the British ‘gum dropping’ problem. Their streets are clear of any gum (and it’s not because they clean it up – they don’t drop it). There appears to be real ‘civic pride’ here in Spain, and it makes a big difference to the overall ‘feel’ to the country.

As I sit here reading up on the recent events in the UK, and more importantly the comments from politicians about why they believe the riots occurred, I can’t help thinking that we don’t care much for our country or how it looks. All part of a much bigger underlying problem?


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