Teenagers and holidays

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We (the wife and I) have now got to that point in life where our kids are both teenagers and have their own idea of what is ‘fun’ and in particular holiday fun!

For the last few years we have tried to get a ‘happy balance’ over the two weeks of our summer break. This has basically meant a ‘city week’ followed by a more relaxed ‘country week’ (the latter being more popular with the grumpy parents! We have learnt a lot about teenage requirements over the last few years as well – they are ‘fairly happy’ with a quiet second week as long as we have wireless Internet (makes me happy as well!) and a ‘stuff to do’.

Family fun!

A few years ago we had a ‘fairly poor’ second week in Germany after a week in the Netherlands. There was nothing to do in the German town we chose and this week is now referred to in our family as ‘the German week’.

This year I think we have actually nailed it – a week in Barcelona which everyone enjoyed, followed by a week at a villa with a pool (and wireless Internet) but crucially close to a good theme park and water park. Time spent at the theme park is enjoyed by all and then allows pool time at home – total relaxation for all!

The only downside is that we probably only have a few years left during which the kids will come away with us, but at least we finally appear to have got the ‘recipe’ correct!


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