The trouble with iPods

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Now let me say first off that I am a big fan of the iPod as a piece of tech. I use one in my car when I am not using the radio (and missed it terribly when a software update stopped it linking through my stereo). I also use it at work when I want to ‘zone out’ and stop people asking me stupid questions!

Use with caution!

Now I am including any personal music player in this, not just iPods, but like Hoovers, iPod is now the accepted term for any personal digital music player (and the best in my view).

But, getting back to the matter at hand – my problem is where people use them. When listening to any such unit the beauty of them is that you are able to lose yourself in the music – totally unaware of what is going on around you. Great if you are in an office, on an airplane, or train. But not when crossing the road! This phenomenon has a name ‘iPod oblivion’.

Earlier this week I almost ‘took out’ a pedestrian who walked straight across the road in front of me while listening to his iPod. Now I was perhaps a little unkind as I saw what he was going to do from a long way back, and let him get level with me on the road before I blew my horn. Suffice to say he was just a little surprised – but I doubt he will cross roads without looking in future!

We can’t stop people using this type of equipment in this type of location, but perhaps some sort of health warning should be made by the government? After all we don’t have that many health warnings to think about do we!

Seriously though, this is an issue, it appears that there are around seventeen serious accidents a day in the UK caused by iPod oblivion! You have been warned!


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