RIP Xena Flower

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Sadly the event that we have been dreading as a family has happened – our little cat has finally lost her fight against what ever it was that was slowly making her struggle with her breathing. Towards the end she was hardly eating, as that took too much effort, and stopped her taking breaths. In the end we agreed with the vet that her suffering should end – but that doesn’t help with the feeling of loss in our household.

Rachel at Vets4Pets was so good with Xena, I cannot thank her enough for her care and professionalism over the last few weeks. She definitely made it all more bearable.


Xena came into my life when Sam my son and I got together with my wife and Star my stepdaughter, we all moved into a house in West Bridgford and the little black and white cat came too. Star had chosen Xena when she was just five from a selection of black and white cats (it had to be like Postman Pat’s apparently) at the RSPCA at Radcliffe on Trent. I gather that Xena ‘chose’ Star by going straight to her. She was already called Xena (after the warrior princess?) so the name was kept, but the second name was given to please a 5-year-old who wanted a cat with the name Sarah Flower. However she has always been Xena and always will be.

Xena was brought up with dogs as far as we know – and this without doubt had a great effect upon the way she behaved. I am not a cat person, but found her enchanting right from the start. I can honestly say that she never lashed out at me (or anyone) like a ‘normal’ cat. She was placid and loving and much more ‘dog like’ than any cat should be – a good thing in my opinion.

She was also quite tiny, almost like a large kitten, so when she lay on you it wasn’t a heavy weight you found on you, but a gentle strongly purring little rug!

I am going to miss her coming to meet me when I get home in the evening from work and in the morning when I go downstairs first to make a cup of tea. I was the one who always fed her so we had a bond – she was my boss, always coming to make her demands of me, I answered her needs like a servant – but in return I got her attention, I like to think she cared for me, certainly she used to curl up between me and Wendy every evening on the sofa, and she wouldn’t settle until she had!

How I will remember her.

When I worked at home she would always curl up on my laptop case if I left it on the table next to me, she always liked to lay on something – it could be papers, the washing or my case, but always something.

Her small size did not prevent her from hunting and when she was younger she lived up to her name – bringing a pidgeon larger than herself through the cat flap. Mice were a constant gift as well.

At the end of the day however she was Star’s cat – she could do anything with her and I know she will miss her more than anyone.

This is a self-absorbed rant I know, but as a nation one of our more endearing traits is our love of animals, the loss of a pet hurts and in a way grounds us and brings things back to reality. Life goes on but a little bit of our family died today – and it can’t and won’t be replaced.


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