Just incase you thought Tesco wasn’t taking over….

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I have over the last few years begun to come to the conclusion that the supermarkets have an awful lot to answer for in the way the UK now looks and works as a society. Some would say that it has taken me a long time to realise this – others have no issue with the likes of Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrison’s. Whatever your opinion though you have to agree that they are everywhere now!

look it must be OK - it has windmills....

What I didn’t realise until today was that TescoΒ had a store in every postal area in the UK bar one – until today when it go its planning granted for its Harrogate store. So now wherever you go in the UK there is a Tesco store within a few miles of you – is that really healthy for retailing?

One of my issues is the way in which our society now has no interest in ‘traditional’ retailing – butchers, bakers etc. The supermarket way of life with everything available under one roof has killed this off – just try to think where your nearest proper bakery is (not bake up, but a proper bakers). Many of you won’t even have one in your area – certainly in West Bridgford where I live we don’t have one (and haven’t for probably 10 or 12 years!).

This in my view is a sad state of affairs and doesn’t help when we are trying to get our society back in order. Again we could learn a lot from our European friends, they have managed to keep the small local trader as well as the supermarket. I don’t expect the UK to change anytime soon – time to emigrate?


2 thoughts on “Just incase you thought Tesco wasn’t taking over….

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