Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

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My wife and I only discovered the John Le Carre books around 18 months ago – and initially it was via a radio version on Radio 4 when we were on a long car journey. My wife is an avid reader and got the books from the library, she raved about them so much that I read the first book – and loved it!

I grew up through the 70’s Β – I was 12 in 1974 when the book is set, so watching the film bought back lots of memories, particularly how ‘brown’ the 1970’s were! As a child the cold war was not something I was particularly aware of, although it was very much a feature of the 80’s when I was at college.

When you read a book you get a picture in your mind of what the characters etc look like, my fear when going to see the film of a book I like is that it will let it down badly. I am pleased to report that this film is very well done and I found myself back in the book – a great achievement from a film especially with such a complicated plot! All of the characters are brilliantly portrayed, George Smiley is particularly good in my view.

I thoroughly recommend Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy – whether or not you have read the book. It’s great to see Colin Farrell in a more unusual role as well!


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