Apple control or Microsoft freedom?

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Over the last few weeks I have been running what some would consider to be a bit of an experiment, I have been using my Laptop at work but then using a MacBook at home. The idea being initially to get used to the Mac OS as we have a couple of Mac users at work, one of whom sometimes needs a bit of assistance. I can assist with most problems that are PC based, but Mac’s have been a bit of a mystery to me until now!

Not actually a difficult decision!

Now I don’t usually like to ‘over egg’ things but in this instance I have to admit that the Apple experience has been somewhat of a revelation! I am used to my colleague Tim Garratt championing the Apple cause, and have always had him down as a bit of an ‘apple fanboy’ – this is probably true as he loves his Mac and all his other Apple kit. The difference now is that I completely understand where he is coming from!

I will admit to being an iPhone fan having been won over by its ease of use as it has developed since appearing 3 years ago (and by default i now want an iPad). But I have always been sceptical about Mac’s. But no longer…

As an example if I want to update my blog at home I have been using my iPhone as it is already on and gives me quick easy (if small) access to WordPress. Getting my laptop out takes ages – especially the boot up! Now however I can get out the Mac and it boots from cold in around 30 seconds (assuming it’s not just sleeping in which case it’s instant).

Also everything just works on the Mac, no ‘little glitches’, just use something and it works every time – no freezes of the whole machine like on a PC – use it and it’s done!

More telling to me has been both my wife and my son Sam, both have used the Mac and once they got use to things like the two fingers on the track pad for left click they absolutely love it, and neither of them had used this OS before.

PC fans always make a big thing about how ‘controlling’ Apple are and how they stop any third-party app development. Fair point, but as with iPhone this makes sure it works every time straight out of the box. So s far as I am concerned I am all for Apples approach.

Then of course we have the cost of Apple products – always a major argument, and yes, they are costly. But, I am typing this on a MacBook purchased in late 2007, and still running perfectly and fast, would a 5-year-old laptop be as good – I seriously doubt it! Yes Β£1000 is a lot, but I think in that time span probably 2 laptops would be purchased to one Mac – doesn’t look such a poor purchase decision now does it!

So there you have it, I am a convert!


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