Google+ who needs it?

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I will admit to being a bit keen on social networking, it is here to stay so it needs embracing by all of us – I am on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and enjoy blogging. I think I have a reasonable understanding of what social networking is – but having now tried Google + (I was not invited to the beta but it’s just gone live) I just don’t get it!

First of course there was Google Wave, that died a quiet if lingering death some time ago – it just didn’t work or offer anything over and above the likes of Facebook (and my recollection is that it wasn’t straight forward to use). My take on Google + is that it also isn’t particularly easy to get into (either that or I am getting old) and doesn’t have many people on it yet! Quite why you would migrate from Facebook to Google + it is a mystery to me – although I am open to comments why I might be wrong?

Again I don’t believe it offers anything over and above Facebook. Google appear desperate to take possession of an area of the market that they also appear not to ‘get’. Their search engine and online apps are excellent, isn’t that enough for them? Or do they just feel that they need to dominate every sector of the market?

My advise to Google (for what it’s worth) – is leave it alone, you don’t need it, you already run people’s lives and others do this so much better! I am all for changing if something is better or offers more – but this on first look offers neither.


2 thoughts on “Google+ who needs it?

    Richard Baker said:
    September 21, 2011 at 3:45 pm

    I think you hit the nail on the head, Simon, when you said Google appears desperate to take over another part of the market. Google’s whole operation is about the increasing acquisition of data about people’s lives so that it can model what they do and serve up both the widest and narrowest of commercial opportunities at the same time (if that makes sense!). I’m not to keen about handing over more data, I kick against Google’s innate belief that people should be served up a filtered result (I can make my own mind up, thanks), and I still don;t see it as anything more than a search/ad business which got big. Too big.

      Simon Dare responded:
      September 21, 2011 at 3:50 pm


      It’s the old story, company has huge success and then believes it can do anything (look at Microsoft, they are only now beginning to get back on track). Give it a few more years and Googles crown will slip and a young pretender will jump into it’s shoes.

      I just hope Apple don’t over egg it and go the same way…

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