80 mph – a worthwhile change?

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stay or go?

The current talk by the government appears to revolve around ‘popular’ changes to things – we have had the weekly bin emptying proposal, and now they are on about raising the speed limit on the motorways to 80 mph. This makes sense on the face of it, most people travel at over 70 anyway and there is a general ‘understanding’ that the boys in blue will normally ignore people up to 80 mph anyway.

But there is a bigger picture here in my view. Our roads are busier now than ever, our population is also getting older. This is a recipe for disaster in terms of road safety. No matter what anyone tells you the quality of driving goes down hill after a certain age (even Stirling Moss has stopped racing). I blogged recently about my own experiences while teaching my step daughter to drive.

So, let’s increase the speed on motorways (I would suggest with 3 lanes only, as lane discipline in the UK is appalling). But, we also need to address the poor enforcement of driving standards (or the lack of them) on all other roads.

It sounds harsh, but some people should not be on our roads, and particularly our motorways. My plan would be to limit access to the motorways by also having a minimum speed limit. Also rather than trying to line their coffers with ‘well placed’ speed cameras perhaps the local constabulary could work on stopping people driving dangerously while on their phones and speeding around schools or similar?

Fuel use and emissions also go up at higher speeds – the government appear to have ‘overlooked’ this issue.

There’s not a simple solution – but just raising the speed limit will only get you to the back of the next queue quicker! How about some ‘joined up thinking’ for once from the Government on transport issues – or is that just too much to ask?


One thought on “80 mph – a worthwhile change?

    Adrian Burns (@adrianburns) said:
    October 1, 2011 at 1:29 pm

    I agree. It always seems, particularly with road laws, that successive governments merely bolt on amendments willy nilly without looking at the bigger picture.

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