The joy of camping

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'Home' for the last two days

The recent fantastic weather has enabled the wife and I to get back to nature for a last weekend this year. We decided to get a tent and start having occasional weekends under canvas earlier in the year – but not early enough to really make the most of it this year.

So being able to get a ‘surprise’ night away in Derbyshire has been great, and the best bit this time? Apart from walking Dovedale early before the hoards descended, the view of the stars at night – absolutely breathtaking ………

We forget what we miss out on at night living in cities with their light pollution. From the campsite we got a magnificent view of the night sky – including two planets visible with the naked eye. I found this great Blog showing the effect of light pollution on visibility – have a look.

Time to prepare now for the winter………


One thought on “The joy of camping

    dorothycunningham said:
    October 2, 2011 at 9:23 pm

    Camping in nature is awesome for sure…You can see how rich and blessed you are when you can see the stars above shining down on you…Fantastic!

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