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It doesn’t seem 5 minutes ago that we were using our Blackberries at work, they were the unit of choice for the business market and they introduced us to email on the road. At the time they were quite remarkable to a new user – and a total source of hatred at home – up to that point leaving work meant the end to emails coming in, that was about to change.

chalk and cheese

The Blackberry introduced us to a new way of working – that is now the ‘norm’ – you are never out of the office and can always be reached by email. I am used to it now, and if I am honest don’t mind the emails at night. It is just part of life now.

So, emails are still the order of the day, but we moved on to the iPhone and Exchange email over 4 years ago. At the time most big corporate users stuck with the Blackberry system due to its secure server system (a massive extra cost when setting up as a Blackberry using company). President Obama is a Blackberry user, quite amusing when RIM is actually a Canadian Company and their main rivals Apple are American!

The rot has slowly been setting in on RIM and the Blackberry, each successive version of the iPhone iOS has brought the iPhone further into the corporate market – even some banks now allow them on their systems. Blackberries are now the weapon of choice for teenagers due to ‘BB’ing – free texting to you and me. The rot had started to set in….

This weeks massive outage of the European servers may well have started the death throes of the corporate Blackberry user. The big selling point of RIM has always been their safe and robust servers – but if they fail you lose all contact with the office email system – useless!

Apple with their licensed Exchange sync (from Microsoft) are not going to miss this opportunity to turn the knife on RIM – especially with iOS 5 launching this week.

The beginning of the end for RIM as an enterprise solution?

UPDATE 11.10.11Β – It appears that the Blackberry servers are down again, it is time for iPhone and exchange users to look smug!


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