National Trust garden app.

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I am a big fan of the National Trust – they do a lot of good saving our heritage and managing vast areas of our countryside. They are also becoming far more ‘modern’ in their outlook – their first iPhone app came out a year or more ago and is excellent for finding places to visit when out on the road.

Well now they have a second app, and this one is very clever and quite ‘with it’ for a body like the National Trust.

The reason? It uses augmented reality – now this is something that is becoming more common – we have it in a number of the house sale apps. You open the app, do a search for your current location and then using the camera as you look around the screen shows you what houses are available in each direction – clever!

Well the National trust app uses this idea to give information in its gardens as you walk around – simple but very clever and helpful. The only available guide at the moment is for Stourhead but more will follow – I cannot wait to try them!

Just goes to show that very ‘traditional’ companies or organisations can embrace technology effectively as well as ‘leading edge’ companies.


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