Reliving your childhood?

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I am sure we can all remember the period running up to Christmas when we were kids – it was a time of pestering parents for that extra special gift that we had no idea we wanted until we saw it on the TV adverts aimed at the Christmas market.

One such item I recall was advertised by Rolf Harris – who was quite a big star in those days, and was all over our TV screens (although we only had 3 channels then so it wasn’t difficult!)

The thing that Rolf was advertising was the Stylaphone – a mini electronic organ that to the kids of today would look totally pointless and ‘low tech’. But, to a child in the early 1970’s this was something amazing! To make matters worse Rolf Harris was known for making music with strange bits of kit – like his ‘wobble’ boards and his Didgeridoo – so he made it look easy to get a tune out of it!

My parents were not convinced (as was so often the case) and so I never got my Stylaphone – however today I saw them on the shelves of Sainsbury’s – obviously aimed at sad ageing children from the 60’s like me. It is only £12 as well – the original cost 8 pounds 18 shillings and sixpence – so it’s a bargain now!

Time for a novelty gift from the kids this Christmas?


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