Well done Ocado!

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I am not a big fan of the Supermarkets (as regular readers of my blog will be fully aware) – I believe that our love of everything under one roof has cost us the small independant shop on our high streets. However, living in a city I have little choice and have to frequent one or other of the big 4 – normally Sainsbury’s. I don’t enjoy it, but needs must!

This week however we received a voucher offering us £15 off our first order from Ocado. Now, Ocado are a bit different from the other supermarket delivery systems in that your order comes directly from a warehouse, and is not ‘picked’ in a supermarket. We have used Sainsbury’s home delivery service in the past, but found that the stock levels were often poor and the ‘replacements’ offered for missing items were often ‘random’ to say the least! Plus the Ocado system reduces the miles the food travels which appeals to me.

So, we thought Ocado was worth having a go at – friends have told us previously how good they are. So on Friday evening instead of going to Sainsbury’s we, (well for most of the time my Wife), sat down to make the order. First use of a website is often a trial – but Ocado appear to have sorted theirs – and the first order was completed fairly swiftly considering it was a first time.

They also have an excellent iPhone app which was updated with our order instantly. So far so good!

The order was due for Saturday evening and at around 2pm we received a text confirming the time of delivery, the name of the driver and even the registration of the van! We were also informed of one substitution which was a sensible one (unlike the Sainsbury’s experience).

The order arrived 10 minutes early (the driver apologised and offered to come back if it wasn’t convenient) and was very helpful. Everything is also bagged in a way that makes it easy to put it away and sell by dates are logged on the bill. We have found with Sainsbury’s that we got lots of short dated stuff – not with Ocado!

So all in all a great first experience and one that I would recommend. Plus their prices are not bad either!

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