Seeing the Doctor – or not!

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I really do believe that I don’t get wound up so much these days when things annoy me, but once in a while things do – and today is one such example.

For the last few days I have had a problem with my neck and shoulder, it has slowly deteriorated until now it is very uncomfortable for me to sit for any length of time without some serious pain. It has made me increasingly grumpy and irritated. I tend not to ‘run to the doctors’ at the slightest ailment – I don’t see the point, if something is likely to get better on its own I would prefer it to do that. On the infrequent occasions I do go to the doctors they usually comment that they haven’t seen me for a while – a good thing in my eyes.

However, today the pain I was in (and my wifes nagging) made me call to try toΒ get an appointment to see a doctor (I am not choosy – any doctor will do). Unfortunately no appointmentsΒ were available until Monday (this was on Wednesday). My comment to the receptionist that I was in pain and was there anything before that did not produce anything earlier – although I could ring tomorrow at 8am as there might be some cancellations.

Now I obviously don’t play this game correctly – I should it appears make appointments as soon as I feel the slightest twinge. I can then cancel it when I start to ‘miraculously ‘ recover in the following days. Certainly this appears to be the way everyone else uses the NHS today.

So, I hope all the people who have booked to go to my doctors over the next 2 days for minor things that don’t actually need an appointment feel better and have ‘a nice chat’ with the doctors. Meanwhile I will continue to be unpleasant to my colleagues at work!

Something tells me the system is broken – and has been for years. Yes I am feeling particularly grumpy, but come on!


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