We’re still here Mr Osborne!

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It never ceases to amaze me how ‘London centric’ our economy is – I know there is bound to be a natural attraction to the capital and the South as it is closer to our European neighbours. But, in all my years in the East Midlands we always appear to be overlooked by Central Government.

However, we have some great businesses and in the last few days some good news stories – 1500 jobs at Toyota over the next two years as an example. And, strangely our Prime Minister was on hand when this announcement was made – good news it appears attracts Government from out of the depths of the South into the frozen North!

Obviously we all know that the East Midlands lies in the middle of the country and not the North – that is blindingly obvious to all but those in power! We have also produced many of the UK’s major success stories – Boots, Rolls Royce, Paul Smith to name but a few – but still we are overlooked or just plain ignored by central Government when it comes to investment.

More good news today that the first part of the A46 was opened around Bingham – that should help with traffic on the East of the City. But we are still in need of the A453 widening to link us up quickly to the M1 at junction 25.

If the press are to be believed (unlikely I know) then in his Autumn Statement the chancellor may well offer some money for large road works or similar to help stimulate the economy – how much of that money is likely to hit the East Midlands?

Only time will tell – over to you George..


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