low energy light bulbs – a message for the doubters!

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I have blogged numerous times about the savings that can be made quickly and cheaply by changing to low energy bulbs (CFL’s). Much of Europe has already embraced the technology, and even China is moving towards their adoption. So why do we have such a problem with them in the UK?

Well, at a time that the ‘popular’ press is in court and is frankly being shown in its true light, it is perhaps time to consider the damage that the Daily Mail has managed to do to the adoption of the CFL. Let’s be honest, in 99.9% of occasions the press campaigns have little to do with the common good and more to do with selling papers – the tungsten / CFL debate was a classic example.

CFL’s are now as cheap as chips and also provide a quick start and warm up so as to give an excellent level of lighting. Yes the early ones were rubbish, but this really is not the case now. Try them!

Tungsten bulbs

And if you need any more evidence look at the two graphs below from an EPC I have recently done on a shop unit in Nottingham. The premises have been refurbished and have new double glazed units to all but the sales frontage – but the rating is very poor. The client questioned this so I ran the calculation again – making one change across the property. Replacing the tungsten bulbs installed throughout with CFL’s.


The result is frankly astonishing, for the sake of probably £10 maximum spent on changing bulbs the rating improves by two levels! With the Governments current proposal to make it illegal to let properties with F & G ratings from 2018 it makes you think!

Perhaps people will start to look at EPC ratings a bit closer soon and think about how a small change can improve their properties long-term value?


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