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There is a bit of a backlash against the press at the moment with the Leveson enquiry looking into the ‘underhand ways’ in which most of our papers end up with their news stories. I say most – currently the only one properly ‘caught out’ is the News of the World, but time will tell if (probably when) the others fall as well.

But can the blame be totally placed at the feet of the journalists? I am not suggesting for a minute that they should be absolved of all their sins – what they have done is unforgivable, but society plays its part as well in this.

The recent confirmation of the most searched items on Bing and Yahoo unfortunately support the theory that we have an unhealthy interest in other people’s lives – especially if they are famous.

On Bing;

  1. Justin Bieber was the most searched-for celebrity of 2011.
  2. Kim Kardashian came second
  3. Jennifer Aniston was third
  4. Lindsay Lohan fourth
  5. and Jennifer Lopez fifth.

Bieber was the only male artist in the top 10.

The Royal Wedding, the release of the final Harry Potter film and Beyonce’s pregnancy were among the most searched celebrity events of 2011.

Maria Sharapova, Tiger Woods and Serena Williams were the sports stars with the highest number of online searches.

AOL (which possibly is used by the US more) has also announced its own web searches list, which was topped by Charlie Sheen.

Lindsay Lohan and Amy Winehouse also featured in AOL’s top 10.

Katie Price was the UK’s most searched-for celebrity of the year on Yahoo!, beating last year’s winner Cheryl Cole, although web searches for Cole remained high in 2011 after the singer was dropped from the judging panel on The X Factor USA.

They were joined in Yahoo’s top five by Kate and Pippa Middleton and former Big Brother contestant Imogen Thomas.

So a totally ‘star’ based set of searches! This could depress one, however the biggest search item of the year does perhaps give us some hope that news and current affairs at least gets a look in – what was it?

It was FTSE, as the global financial crisis continued to dominate headlines in 2011.


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