Christmas and networking

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Now I am probably missing something fundamental here, but can someone explain to me quite why we all feel the urge the increase our business networking ten fold over the weeks leading up to Christmas – a time when we are all very busy at work anyway?

I have been looking at my diary for this week and I am out every evening at a client ‘bash’. Now don’t get me wrong – the chance to get together with other professionals and clients is welcomed, but why do it all over a two-week period? Networking events occur all year but there are always a huge number leading up to Christmas. I can guarantee that I will see certain people at every one of the events I attend this week, surely we don’t need an ‘excuse’ like Christmas to organise this type of get together?

With social media now such a huge part of so many people’s lives it is easier to keep up with others movements and careers, and a ‘face to face’ meeting is a pleasant change, but perhaps spreading them across the year might actually make them more effective? Or is it that in the current (or any economic climate) change is seen by our competitors as something bad?

I really don’t know the answer, but it does make you wonder…..


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