QMC roundabout ‘improvements’

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Anyone who lives in or around Nottingham will be more than aware of the road works that have been progressing over the last few months at the QMC and Priory roundabout’s. This has caused a certain amount of disruption and minor chaos at times – but it was going to be worth it right?

Well the works were completed approximately a week ago and some changes are obvious – traffic lights on the junction to control the flow around the junction. Now this is a concept that does appear to work on some junctions – the one below the Clifton / Lenton Lane fly over is a classic example. At peak times the lights function, off-peak they don’t.

The big ‘but’ though (and there was always going to be one) is that the lights on the QMC roundabout don’t appear to help – in fact they have made the congestion worse, and more importantly have caused numerous accidents!

Some of this can be put down to poor driving and a lack of awareness, but surely the Highways agency should be managing the situation better? It is also apparent to me that the phasing on the traffic lights is just plain wrong – there are now queues off the ring road in the morning which there never used to be.

I am aware of at least one car that was written off in an accident on the junction on the first Monday morning, and have been told of numerous other accidents. Perhaps the Highways Agency need to manage this a bit better?


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