Fly-tipping – a social issue?

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the data

Harsh words – but well earnt in my opinion! Fly tipping has apparently reduced since 2010 according to recently released figures. But as far as I am concerned as a country lad, any is too much.

Local authorities in England have reported that they had dealt with nearly 820,000 incidents of fly tipping in 2011, with 63 percent of these incidents classified as ‘household waste’. This represents a drop of 13 percent since 2010, allegedly since local authorities have increased their enforcement of prosecutions for fly tipping incidents – although more on that later.

In 2011, there were 2,409 prosecutions of waste offenders by local authorities, with 96 percent of these resulting in conviction; most often resulting in a fine. Now on the face of it that sounds quite impressive until you look at the figures more closely;

  • 820,000 reported incidents (how many more slipped through the net?)
  • 2409 prosecutions – that is only 2.9%!
  • 96% success rate in prosecution – so most they catch are scum!

Fly tipping is totally unacceptable – most comes from either a lack of respect for the environment or basic financial greed! If people managed considered their waste disposal properly and didn’t use the ‘bargain clearance services’ offered by the wide boys we would not have this issue.

Looking at my local area (Rushcliffe) it is clear to see this is a problem in rural council areas, 729 incidents, but only one prosecution – so the detection rate is also not great!

We need better enforcement – prison sentences not fines, and confiscation of vehicles etc. Let’s stamp out this problem once and for all!


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