Kodak – the end of an era?

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As a keen photographer since my teenage years i have used most types and brands of film – Ilford for black and white, Fuji for colour transparencies in my later years, but for a long time I used Kodak products – particularly their Kodachrome (before I discovered Fuji film).

It is therefore with great sadness that I heard that Kodak had filed for protection in the USA against bankruptcy. This is to protect it from its creditors and allow a restructuring of the company which they hope to complete by 2013. But if this succeeds it will be a shadow of its former self.

To be honest this was not a surprise – Kodak just haven’t reacted to the new photographic format of digital (despite having been closely involved in its early years – in fact they claim to have invented it). At one time over 75% of photos taken anywhere in the world were on a product from Kodak – amazing figures. But they have never had anything to offer in the more expensive regions of the camera market ( led by Nikon and Canon ), and now the ‘everyday camera’ tends to be a camera phone – life has moved on from the box brownie!

However whereas Fuji are now a major force in digital photography, Kodak have gone from world power to has been. hopefully the name will survive, it would be sad to see it disappear totally.

Having said that we now have a generation that have no idea how photos were produced ‘in the old days’.


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