Crazy coffin’s – literally!

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the workshop

One of the things I love about my job is that I get out of the office and meet some really interesting people who often do some amazing things in their businesses. Some while ago I come across a client who does something ‘extraordinary’ in his business, now a coffin maker is not the one you would expect to be coming up with something so ‘off the wall’. But Vic Fearn & Co who I have acted for longer than I care to remember have an amazing side line to their business.

You may have seen it on the BBC news this week – it is one of Nottingham’s more individual exports – crazy coffins! They will literally make you a coffin in any form – ranging from waste skips, aeroplanes, viking long ships – in fact the list is endless!

I have been lucky enough during my time acting for them to see many of the coffins they have made for clients and they really are works of art. They are currently exhibiting some on the South Bank in London at the Royal Festival Hall, you can find the details here.

If you are in London and have a few minutes spare go and have a look – you won’t be disappointed!


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