Obviously I don’t condone this – but it is funny!

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Once in a while we get a classic headline – this is one that appeared last week;

Nottingham tree branch ‘armed’ robber hunted by police

The new weapon of choice....

You have to agree that this headline from the BBC is a classic! I am not sure what it says about Nottingham criminal classes – the national press would have us all believe that Nottingham is the gun crime capital of the UK – which it isn’t – perhaps this supports that claim as there can’t be many illegal firearms around if robbers are resorting to tree branches now!

The story from the BBC website reads as follows;

A man armed with a tree branch who threatened staff at two Nottingham supermarkets is being hunted by police.

The offender first wielded a branch at the Sainsbury’s store in Arnold Lane, Gedling, on 14 January and made off with cash and cigarettes.

The same man is believed to have struck at the Co-operative store in Gedling Road on Wednesday but left empty-handed, Nottinghamshire Police said.

The suspect is described as white, of slim build and in his early 20s.

He was wearing a Nike hooded top, black track suit bottoms with white stripes down the side, black trainers and a scarf covering his face, police said.

No-one was injured in either robbery.

On the basis that no one was hurt I feel comfortable about this blog – sorry if it offends anyone!


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