Buying in bulk and the ‘dishonest’ supermarkets

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When I was a kid we used to go to the cash and carry to stock up on certain items of food – it was cheaper to buy in bulk and we were lucky enough to have a card for the cash and carry. This concept has been picked up by our delightful supermarkets over the years. They now offer larger packets of items and lower costs per item and they offer bog offs and savings if you buy multiple units – they have however had some bad press on this recently. Their deals it seems are not always (often) what they first appear…….

I was under the impression that the likes of Tesco were ‘addressing the problem’ following the bad press – I am sure I saw a press release to that effect somewhere?

Unfortunately it appears this is not the case!

A recent visit to Tesco produced the deal in the photo below. Two options;

Cadbury cream eggs – 3 for £1 or 12 for £5 – the normal expectation is that the larger size purchase must be better value, yes?


Obviously not, but look closer and the individual prices are shown on the deals (helpfully enlarged by me) – a reasonable size on the 3 egg deal but very small (sorry still difficult to read) on the other deal – in fact it is the tiny type under the £3.30 figure!

Why so small? Because it is so much more expensive and dare I say it – they don’t want people to see it!

the two 'deals'

Now most of you will have been there ages ago – you know which is the best deal, but just incase you couldn’t be bothered to work it out;

The best deal is to buy 4 of the 3 packs for £4 – that’s 12 eggs by my reckoning at 33p per egg – not a bad deal actually.

But, the deal that Tesco hope you will go for is to pay £5 for two 6 packs (still 12 eggs) that’s 41.6p per egg!

Shame on you Tesco – not done to catch people out obviously!


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