Photography – a new dawn?

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It was only a week or so ago that Kodak filed for protection in the US against bankruptcy, it wasn’t a surprise as they had failed to move with the times and had very much been left behind in the digital stakes.

I grew up in the days of proper film cameras – probably during their peak – with 35mm film becoming amazingly good by the 1980’s. The quality of what could be produced was quite remarkable from what is quite a small format. But even more impressive was the hardware that this development spawned. There were some really desirable 35mm SLR’s – my personal favourite was the Olympus OM1- an absolute design classic – small, but beautifully built and with a decent set of lenses to go with it.

Sadly Olympus lost out to the ‘big two’ in the 35mm market and were always the ‘alternative choice’ instead of Canon or Nikon. The move into digital wasn’t much better, but a few years ago they started a new ball rolling – it was called micro four thirds and was a small mirror less format – smaller than a DSLR but almost as capable.

The teaser.....

The Pen EP-1 was born (together with cameras from their partner Panasonic). We are now seeing all the major manufacturers joining in with this new format and it appears to be developing a new interest in photography – excellent news!

The exciting news however is that Olympus are due to launch a ‘high end’ version that is being talked about as ‘the new OM1’ – it’s due on the 8th Feb and so far only ‘tease shots’ are all that have been shown – but I for one can’t wait!

To have a modern version of my old OM1 back would be wonderful…


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