Now I am getting excited!

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I know it is a very ‘blokey’ thing to get excited by new tech or gadgets – but as more comes out into the public domain about the new Olympus mirrorless camera I am getting rather excited!

I am a long-term Olympus fan, having ‘nailed my colours to the mast’ when I was a student (and most of my mates were buying Canons) I built a system around the OM1n I purchased in 1981. Until ‘at the end’ just a few years back, I had an OM2 spot program and an OM3 (this being my all time favorite). I sold them all to go digital a few years back, but have until recently (with the arrival of the Pen system) been rather ‘underwhelmed’ by the Olympus digital offering.

Hopefully the OM-D series will be a new dawn for Olympus. The leaked copy of the brochure above certainly looks hopeful…….


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