Finally some common sense from our council?

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I blogged a few weeks ago about the crazy change to the parking rates in Nottingham City centre. The council in their infinite wisdom had decided to start charging for evening parking (which had been free for years). This was not a popular decision from all angles, especially the traders who argued that the change would impact on their businesses and consequently reduce the councils income from parking and rates.

8pm is too late.....

I did not think this view was a particularly difficult one to see, but Nottingham City Council do appear to be somewhat ‘blinkered’ at the moment and are making some less than popular decisions. Now that is fine if it is necessary to balance the books in a sensible way. But if it bites the hand that feeds you it is just plain stupid!

To add to the local traders anguish at the same time Leicester were making more free evening parking available – and publicising it as a positive thing. It was commented on at our insite launch by the mayor of Leicester and was generally considered a good idea by all.

so it is good to hear that after having a meeting with traders the council in Nottingham are finally going to ‘consider’ their decision and initially suspend the Sunday charges. That is a step in the right direction, but lets see the 6 – 8pm charges removed as well, surely it makes sense?


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