What is it with some people!

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The recent weather brings out the worst in some people it appears – particularly with regards to their driving! However this morning I have seen what amounts to some of the most inconsiderate and stupid driving I have seen in years – and yes this is going to be a rant!

not easy to spot..........

Now a couple of weeks ago there was a news article that stated that there was a man in Leicester who had spent thousands of pounds on trying to pass his written part of the driving test – this amounted to hundreds of attempts (and failures). It even made the news on Top Gear, however I think he may have passed and moved to Nottingham if today’s experience is anything to go by!

Driving down University Boulevard this morning towards Beeston I could see two fire engines coming the other way, not an easy job for them at that time of the morning as the traffic coming into town is nose to tail at that point. Most people were doing their best to get out of their way and the emergency vehicles were making reasonable progress. Their task was eased at the tennis centre junction which was clear (the lights were green for traffic joining the Boulevard).

However – despite seeing the blue lights coming (in fact they were onlyΒ yards off the junction) a Jeep 4X4Β decided that he was in such a hurry that he had priority over the fire vehicles and he pulled out of the tennis centre into their path!

Frankly appalling driving and I am sorry that there wasn’t a police vehicle around to pull the idiot.

Rant over.


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