You know how sometimes things can disappoint?

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In my work I am fortunate in being able to visit and see inside many amazing buildings. This week I have been given access to the old Home Ales building in Daybrook. This is a building that anyone who knows Nottingham will be familiar with, it is a true ‘landmark’ property with a great deal of history behind it.

20120211-141511.jpgAs a listed building it has many features that are quite impressive like its main staircase and external freezes. However, it also has a large clock on its tower which has been providing accurate time for Daybrook Square since it was built. I was quite looking forward to seeing the clock mechanism behind it – I expected it to be quite a monster with big cogs and wheels from an earlier age.

How disappointing therefore to find it is no bigger than a domestic toaster and basically an electric motor!

20120211-141824.jpgIt was good to find the ‘Ales’ signage on the next floor down though which has been saved to go back on the building when the Council leave (it is part of the listing).

The reason for my visit? Preparing an EPC for marketing as we are about to offer the building to the market on behalf of Notts County Council.


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