Do I expect too much?

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Now I would be the first to accept that I have the potential to be a ‘little obsessive’ when it comes to certain things – in particular I believe that expensive and relatively delicate items need to be protected and cared for by the user. By this I am referring to the likes of cameras, iPhones, iPads and similar items.

I always get a case for my iPhone as an example (I am a big fan of Noreve products) – and I am pleased to say that I have not had to replace any screens or similar on any of the iPhones I have had. However many of my work colleagues have (and it falls to me to sort them out), and it is this that forms the basis for my ‘rant’ today – for that is what this is going to be!

In fact all my tech items are always as good as new years after I get them – the first thing I got for my new iPad was a case. I don’t know if I am old-fashioned, but I believe you should look after expensive ‘toys’ and to this end I am the case manufacturers friend!

Unfortunately I do tend to find that there is not the same level of care or concern at work about the kit we use (although I would add that my colleague Tim Garratt is equally careful) and consequently I hate buying ‘quality kit’ for them to use – as they will always revert to type and damage it!

examples of earlier 'care' by my colleagues....

Against my better judgement I recently acquired a good quality camera for my agency colleagues to use for photos on our greatly improved property details. I ensured that a case was purchased to help protect it and then crossed my fingers – all has been well for around 6 months – until today!

The rear screen has been significantly ‘cracked’ – I am assured by the users that it was an accident (I am sure it was), and it happened in the case apparently (due to foreign bodies getting in there – a cable), but that is not the point. It is the attitude that I have issue with, the damage appears to be irrelevant to the users, and if it breaks we can buy a new one!

Am I expecting too much or do we now live in a society that really doesn’t care about things because they are so easy to replace? When I was a kid you cherished things that you purchased as you had saved hard for them – surely that is the correct attitude in relation to all things?

Rant over – for now………


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