Blood donors and the ‘nanny’ state

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My wife and I have both been blood donors for a considerable number of years, it is a good thing to do, takes little time and makes you feel good! It is also fair to say that we have managed to ‘fall by the wayside’ a number of times, the move of the city centre centre didn’t help (feeble excuse I know), but we have now started going to the Musters Road sessions. This is both handier to home and it means that we are on a list and can book a session ahead – so there should be no more missed sessions.

As part of the move to Musters Road we also talked our daughter Star into giving blood for the first time, it was not a massive issue, but she was quite nervous before hand. However, after the event she was confident that she would now attend regularly which was great news. We are all due for our next session next month – or we were, a recent email has put paid to Star and her blood donor future;

The email is directed at all young donors (under 20). Apparently there is a concern that if you are under a certain height and weight (there is a helpful chart) you might pass out following giving blood. At this point I should explain that Star is not tall (5″2′) and consequently is around 8 stone in weight – she is ‘the correct’ weight for her size – unless of course she wants to give blood!

According to the blood transfusion service she basically needs to be overweight to give blood – not a good message to be giving out to teenagers! Also, she gave blood with no issue previously, so why can’t she do it again? The email is only directed at girls, so apparently it’s only fat girls they want!

Come on! This is stupid, if you get people to donate from an early age you have them for life – and we are told there is a shortage of donors. Turn them away at your peril.


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