iPad 2 or 3?

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spot the difference?

After all the hype Apple finally launched the new iPad this week – I say ‘the new iPad’ because they don’t appear to be clear as to its official title. Apple are referring to the new iPad, not iPad 3 or iPad HD as the press were suggesting. Going for a generic ‘iPad’ moniker is probably sensible as it would sound silly in a few years time to say iPad 8!

The launch has set me thinking if I would want a ‘new iPad’ – it’s not a simple decision because the new one isn’t as different as it might have been. The retina display is a nice touch (it is amazing on the iPhone 4) but that is a small screen that benefits hugely from the extra definition. The iPad user is only really going to notice the better resolution on HD movies or photo editing, not something that is important to me at this time in the way I use my iPad..

Also the new unit is slightly thicker and heavier than the iPad 2, not a particular step forward in my view. Also are people really going to use a tablet to video or take photos? A better camera is nice, but again I can’t see a benefit for me.

So I am happy to stay with my iPad 2, I can see it giving many years of use like most Apple products. Having said that I am sure Apple will sell as many of the ‘new iPad’ as they can produce – so what do I know?


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