Yet more Windows issues!

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I realise that I am in danger of becoming a bit of a bore here – but stay with me – the only way any firm manages to develop and improve is through feedback. This is what I am providing here for Microsoft – it’s just that it is all negative at the moment!

Sadly I can relate to this.....

At work we use an online system for managing our agency instructions and other areas of our CRM. I won’t name them here because it might be considered ‘unfair’, however it is fair to say that like many of the systems that we use it relies on Internet Explorer (IE) and the dreaded Active X. This means that we can’t run it on any non IE machines (so no Macs or iOS machines). Not a great start then.

It also requires Java to run – and here we come to the reason for my rant. It won’t run on the latest version of Java – that would be far too easy – no, it requires version 6 update 21. The current version is 31 (and version 7 is in beta). So we have to stop people updating, and if they do we need to ‘roll back’ to version 21. Quite why the developers haven’t managed to update their package to use the latest Java is another story!

But ‘updating’ the Java should be easy – yes?

In any world other than Microsoft’s it is – but not with Windows – let me explain!

We have a mix of 32 bit and 64 bit machines at work – so obviously when downloading Java one should download the relevant Java for that machine? Well no! Internet Explorer has a 32 bit and a 64 bit version BUT – and this is the ‘good’ bit – IE 32 will run on a 64 bit machine, and if this is the case you need the 32 bit Java NOT the 64 bit version on a 64 bit machine – so that is nice and straightforward then!

And people wonder why I complain about Windows so much!


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