F1 and the BBC

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So it’s here, the new Formula One season, lots has been written in the six months since the BBC’s slightly bizarre decision to do a deal with Sky over Formula One coverage. F1 was with out doubt on a roll last season despite the dominance of Red Bull, so the BBC’s thinking behind dropping live coverage of half the races was to say the least strange – even stranger was their chosen bed fellow!

let battle commence

Over the past few weeks the Beeb has been advertising it’s coverage and telling us it will be the best yet – really? We have six world champions on the grid, the cars appear much closer (apart from Ferrari!) so we should be in for a treat – except the first two races and all that go with it won’t be live.

Having watched the qualifying for Melbourne on Sky I have to say that the first two races should be very interesting; Ferrari are nowhere near the pace, Mercedes have a trick rear wing, Renault (or is it Lotus?) have a new star, and McClaren are back – oh, and the Red Bull dominance may be over?

So I am looking forward to watching the races live, in the modern world everyone will know the result almost immediately – so watching hours later on the BBC just won’t cut it. From what I have seen so far the Sky coverage is good, yes I will watch the Beeb on their live shows, but it just won’t be the same.

Another massive home goal by the BBC!


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