Offices, Alarms and idiots!

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At the end of a long day the last thing you need is a call to say there is an issue with the alarm at work, it doesn’t happen often so as a key holder it is something you have to put up with – but if the problem is caused by basic stupidity, it really doesn’t help!

Now I would expect someone leaving an office at night would check that they were the last out before setting the alarm – that would be common sense, yes?

And even if you missed a person if they were for example in the toilet, you would see that their car was in the car park at the front of the building – yes?

If you are willing wait.......

Unfortunately in last night’s scenario the person (whose identity has yet to be established) failed on both counts – the upshot being that the alarm was set off.

Resetting the alarm should be easy – enter a code – but this didn’t work.

No problem – call ADT and they can do it over the phone – except they couldn’t.

Now this is the good bit – you knew it was coming – they couldn’t get the alarm to accept the code so said a call from an engineering colleague would be needed (why is everyone a colleague these days?). I pointed out that this was an office alarm so a quick call would be appreciated – no problem apparently, my call back request would be marked as urgent.

Except that over an hour later there was no call – so I went home. So I am not a fan of ADT at the moment! Or the muppet who set the alarm in the first place!


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