What is it with Virgin Mobile?

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I have a history with Virgin Mobile (VM) – if you have a moment and want a laugh you can read about it here. I had hoped that we had reached a position with them whereby things were back on the straight and level. Sadly we are not, my conversations with them over the last two days frankly beggar belief.

Just to set the scene, my sons mobile has been on a pay as you go basis with Virgin Mobile since he has had it. He is now developing a social life so it’s time to transfer to a monthly contract. Virgin Mobile offer a £5 deal for Virgin Media customers that provides 3000 texts and 100 any network minutes (plus unlimited calls to other virgin mobile numbers) – a good deal. So we decided to take them up on it, and this is when our ‘fun’ started.

To be fair my wife did warn me it wouldn’t be straight forward, her experiences are pretty torrid with VM, I should have listened!

The initial call to transfer was made at 8am Saturday morning – but we were told there was a credit score issue so it had to be transferred into my name. Strange we thought, as the two phones already on that account are on direct debits for a paltry amount – but we played along. We were told the transfer would be done in 24 hours and then we could sort out the change in tariff.

So Sunday morning comes and we make the call – only to be told it would now take 72 hours – call be old-fashioned – but I wasn’t impressed, I requested to speak to a manager.

After 30 minutes on the phone to the manager we learnt that a credit score had not actually been done on my wife – so that was a blatant lie from our first phone call – and that the number was now ‘locked up’ in the transfer between my wife and I, so nothing could be done currently!

We are now awaiting a call to tell us the transfer to me has happened, but it ‘may not be until tomorrow’ – not good enough VM!

I have no issue with Virgin Media, they are great to deal with, but the constant pain from VM is getting very tiresome. Why don’t they care about how they treat their customers? I will update this as soon / if the matter is resolved.

As usual I am not holding my breath!


As expected the promised phone calls did not materialise, so I had to chase Virgin Mobile. I was told that the number was still ‘locked up’ and they would now have to escalate it to the IT department – but that would take up to another 72 hours.

So currently we are looking at a potential 6 days to achieve something so simple that most companies do it in minutes – but not VM!

I did have to speak to a manager again (but you knew that already didn’t you!). Time to see if things start to move a bit quicker?


It is now Thursday evening, the contract is not set up still! I have made two and a quarter hours of calls to Virgin, many promises have been made – and broken. I am promised a call by 10 tonight, am I to be surprised?

I have emailed the MD of Virgin Mobile – and received a reply – things are looking up!


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