Oh dear, Virgin Mobile!

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Regular readers will be fully aware of my past and more recent involvement with Virgin Mobile, the issue with my wifes contract was finally sorted out (although it took probably 9 months). It was also blamed on the IT department, a theme which appears to be developing on my current problem as well!

How can something so small can be so troublesome!

So, to bring you up to date with my current issue (read about it here) – I finally lost the will to live on Thursday evening (6 days into the matter) and emailed Graeme Oxby the MD of Virgin Mobile, I did not expect to hear back, so credit where credit is due – I got a reply within about 30 minutes apologising and confirming it would be looked into.

Great, we were making progress.

That was the good news. I then got an email from the CEO’s office on Friday morning confirming that the matter had been sent to a ‘specialist’ to sort out, great! I waited until lunchtime but heard nothing so I rang the lady who had emailed me to ask what was happening – unfortunately the number given was an 0800 number so it should have cost me 14p a minute! Luckily I ‘have an app for that’ so was able to find the direct number – but it wasn’t a good start and I wasn’t impressed!

The lady informed me that it had been escalated, but they had 24 hours to respond (not again!) – so it might be later on Monday due to the weekend. Errr, wrong answer! I ‘suggested’ a reply the same day would be ‘useful’ due to the fact that we were careering towards the one week anniversary of the matter. She said she would try!

Mid afternoon Friday I did receive the call – a very helpful and polite chap confirmed my fears, the tariff was still not changed and hadn’t actually been added yet (despite two people already saying it had)! He confirmed it was now added, also added lots of texts, minutes and data so my son could use the phone. So things were looking up. I was also told it could take 24 hours to transfer but took a laid back approach as this man appeared to know what he was doing!

I was also promised that the matter would be handed to one of his colleagues to watch over the weekend as he was off.

However (you knew this was coming) – as I type this on Sunday it is now almost 48 hours later – the contract has not transferred, I have had no call from Virgin (so assume no one is watching the case) and we appear to be only slightly further forward!

Quite what I am supposed to do to finally resolve this is a mystery to me – if you are reading this on Monday it will be because it is 11am and I have received nothing positive from Virgin this morning. It is now 9 days and counting with no resolution to what should be an easy issue!

I will contact the CEO’s office again (but not on the 0800 number!), and also copy this blog to the MD. If you are reading this Mr Oxby I can confirm that I don’t give up on issues like this!

And I haven’t even started on the issue of compensation for my time yet………


7 thoughts on “Oh dear, Virgin Mobile!

    Martin Davies said:
    April 2, 2012 at 12:03 pm

    I’d wait until they have finally sorted it all out…..and then cancel the contract. Why stick with them when they are so crap!! In fact I’d take all your business as a family away from them. If not there is no incentive for them to improve. Painful but necessary I’d say.

      Simon Dare responded:
      April 2, 2012 at 12:20 pm


      It’s a matter of principal now! I will get a resolution!

    Richard Baker said:
    April 2, 2012 at 12:15 pm

    I don’t know what’s more painful – the fact that you’ve gone through customer service hell, or the fact that it happens again and again and again…and from the CEO’s office down!
    I have a horrible suspicion that this may not be individual incompetence, but procedural, computer-says-no, incompetence.
    Either way, it’s proof if proof were needed that while consumer organisations lavish fortunes capturing customers they appear to spend the princely sum of nowt hanging on to them.
    Dismal, dire and depressing.

      Simon Dare responded:
      April 2, 2012 at 12:23 pm

      It is always blamed on their computer system – so you have probably hit the nail on the head!

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