A reflection on customer service

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Talk is cheap - it's actions that count

The events of the last two weeks have set me wondering if we actually have any interest in our customers in the UK? My torrid experiences with Virgin can’t be the norm surely?

This has set me thinking and looking in my everyday life for examples of good customer care – going the extra yard for your client perhaps, or just being pleasant and thoughtful in the world of business. One of the things that people often complain about with Americans is that they are always so ‘insincere’ when they deal with you. I don’t agree, at least they are friendly and keen to help, it always strikes me that whatever their job they do it to their best and take pride – is this something lacking in the UK?

My experience with Virgin left me feeling somewhat ‘grubby’, they tried to make me feel guilty for chasing them – they were doing their best apparently (and it is quite likely they were) so I should wait. They were very good at saying sorry, to the point that it became meaningless. What ever happened to the client comes first? Call them to let them know what is going on – even if you don’t have any real news. The client will be grateful for the contact because it shows you are on the case – and dare I say, you are interested and care!

I am currently in Dublin, this is my first visit to Ireland and it is interesting to compare what is their capital city and its friendliness with London – is there any comparison? No!

Since arriving I have found the Irish to be very warm and friendly, they are keen to help and provide just that little bit extra. Not something that would be common in London! Do we perhaps still have a ‘bit of a chip on our shoulders’ as a race? We do still like to think we run the world – we don’t!

Perhaps just a bit of good old-fashioned humility and consideration would go a long way in the UK?


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