Dublin – first impressions

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We are visiting Ireland as a family for the first time this Easter, more specifically the city of Dublin. I have heard many things from others about Dublin – predominantly based around the Guiness, but also the architecture.

So it was with great interest that I took my first steps around the city yesterday. First impressions are of a very friendly city (the Irish are very helpful), it is also generally of a more human scale. Most retail outlets still appear to be in older units – so are smaller and more old fashioned in feel. So far we have only explored South of the river, so things may be different on the North bank!

This is also a very photogenic city, the bars are all colourful and the river has some nice bridges and buildings flanking it. I can see my camera will be busy over the next few days!

What is for sure however is that we will be Guinness free today – it’s Good Friday and this is a Catholic country so it is dry today!


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