Every city should have one!

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Reading Tim Garratt’s blog recent blog post about cities and their USP’s set me thinking especially when visiting a city which is as famous as Dublin. It is a ‘dog eat dog’ world and therefore all cities need something to make them stand out from the crowd.

20120406-201244.jpgThis is equally important in the world of tourism, Nottingham has Robin Hood, Dublin has Guinness and Leprechaun’s. Unfortunately this is where the similarity ends since the demise of the Tales of Robin in Nottingham we have nothing to really attract visitors.

In Dublin I have been to the National Leprauchan Museum – this has a similar feel to our old Tales of Robin Hood, it isn’t high tech, but it provides a bit of fun and enforces the whole ‘Irish thing’. It has a lovely friendly feel in the way that it is done, with personal story telling as you go round. The room full of giant furniture to let you feel how being only three feet tall feels is also great fun.

This is not a technically advanced visitor centre, but it strikes the right balance between ‘cheesy’ and fun. If Nottingham is to fight above its weight it needs to sort out a proper visitor attraction. Perhaps something for our new elected mayor to work on if we get one?


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