So just what is wrong with Ryanair?

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So as a family we have just been to Dublin – for the first time ever we have managed to fly from East Midlands Airport. Now that shouldn’t be a major achievement, but our experience as a family has been that cheap flights and school holiday time just don’t translate into cheap flights from EMA (especially with BMI Baby). I am somewhat of a cheap flight ‘tart’, I will drive to another airport if it saves us money – frequently we have flown from Luton, Stansted or Birmingham, and in all cases the saving over EMA has been significant. So we were off to a good start this time with the location for our flights and the fact that they were cheap!

I am also a fan of the budget airlines, we have never had a bad experience! At one time I would have thought that this was the kiss of death – but not now. Every holiday in recent years (apart from two trips to the USA) have been via either EasyJet or Ryanair. Now if you believe the popular press travelling by either of these carriers is a torrid affair, with lots of hidden extras. In fact a minefield ready to get you!

Yes when booking there are lots of pages to say no to on the websites (and yes I think Ryanair have the most), but the flights are cheap! If you want to basically pay and fly without any ‘hassle’ fly with BA – just don’t complain about it costing more!

On this visit to Dublin the check in with Ryanair was swift and painless (we had as usual followed the instructions and printed out our documents before leaving home). The plane was modern, clean and on time – the crew were also perfectly civil. We didn’t buy food or drink on board – if you do and then complain about the cost you are an idiot – buy it before flying if you must have food!

So can someone please explain to me the downside of budget airlines? My belief is that many of the people who have ‘issues’ have probably failed to follow the ‘rules’ – and if you don’t then you pay the price – literally!

For once therefore I am not complaining, I actually think budget airlines are much maligned and provide a brilliant service (take note VirginMedia).


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