A return for punk?

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Just in case you hadn’t noticed there are a few anniversaries and big events this year – we have all just about survived the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic (although it was perhaps slightly overdone in the media). Next we have the London Olympics to look forward to (I say London Olympics as I am not sure it has much to do with us North of the Watford Gap).

Set for a return?

And of course there is the little matter of our Queens Diamond Jubilee – quite an achievement to be fair, and second only to Victoria in terms of reign. I am not sure if the country will get behind the jubilee in the same way as they did in 1977 when there were lots of street parties and similar. It was a very different place in the 70’s, it was ‘before Thatcher’ and life was far more simple. It was also the age of Punk – the last truly original period for British Popular music in my opinion (Brit pop was OK but not as good!).

So I see it as a good thing that the Sex Pistols song ‘God Save the Queen’ is to be re-released to celebrate the jubilee! The song was banned from the BBC when it was released last time and the album cover from the album it came from had to be covered up in shop windows as it was deemed to be too rude – the title you will recall was ‘Never mind the bollocks’ – rather tame by today’s standards!

I have thought for a long time that the current X Factor style music needs to be got rid of somehow – it is all rubbish and totally un-original.

Time for the return of Punk? Yes please!


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