Let’s get #Nottingham trending!

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Every so often someone has a small idea that balloons out of all recognition, often it is social media that is the driving force – think Rage against the machine. Nottingham could be the next big one….

It's a great place!

Within the last few days a plan has been hatched to try and publicise just what a great city Nottingham is. The generally held view by residents of Nottingham is that we get a pretty raw deal from the national press. I have commented upon this previously and although the negative comments made in the press are reducing we are sadly still best known for gun crime (which isn’t an issue) rather than the great things about the city. In other words the damage has been done and needs correcting.

So when Tony Bates @babblingbates suggested that today should be ‘get #Nottingham trending day’ I am sure he didn’t expect it to snowball like it has. It was picked up by all of the frustrated local businesses and individuals who want to ‘re-educate’ the UK about all that is good about Nottingham – this included the BBC, City Council and Nottingham Post. Tony has also appeared on Radio Nottingham to promote it and with the current Mayoral debate raging in the city the timing could not be better!

So now is the time to tell the rest of the UK and World what’s great about Nottingham;

Here are a few ideas of things related to Nottingham – Paul Smith, Boots, Robin Hood, The MRI scanner, Two top Universities, Nottingham Contemporary, it’s Batmans home – I could go on…

So now it is down to everyone else to add the hash tag #Nottingham, say something good about the city and get Nottingham trending today!


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