Learning from the way kids play?

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This photograph set me thinking – it shows some Royal Marines planning an invasion as part of a large ‘war game’ exercise in Scotland. The press have found it vaguely amusing that the boats etc are made of cardboard and bits of paper. But I think it perhaps shows that we can learn from our kids when it comes to ‘play’.

20120428-100440.jpgWe are told that warfare is very high tech these days, it has made the whole warfare thing rather remote – we almost expect no casualties – which is not a good state of mind to be in! So to see a very low tech approach to discussing a landing is I think quite refreshing. It also shows that there are cheaper options – not everything is done in a high tech James Bond style as we are led to believe by Hollywood (or the MOD).

Watching kids play can teach us a lot about not going to war as well – ever noticed how colour, creed and sex has no effect upon which kids play together until they reach a certain age? Children have a much more ‘black and white’ approach to life – particularly with regards to right and wrong – grey is not a common area with kids! Perhaps the world should be run by the kids, it might get rid of the party political posturing and allow something positive to be done about the worlds problems rather than arguing and achieving nothing?

We often say that politicians behave like kids – perhaps this is not actually true, what we are really saying is that we feel we have to make allowances for their behaviour – like we would for children – in reality we are embarrassed by them and wish they would stop arguing and sort out the worlds problems?


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